Fit Mother Programs
(For Women 40+)

If you’re a busy mom who wants to lose weight, tone up, look and feel younger, and help your family live healthier too… then our Fit Mother Program is exactly what you’ve been looking for. We design every Fit Mother Program to be simple, safe, sustainable, & effective.

Fit Mother 30X (FM30X)

  • This is the Fit Mother Core Program
  • Simple, delicious meal plan included
  • Fat burning workouts (at home or gym)
  • Daily accountability
$247 $147
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Fit Mother Supplements (Safe. Proven. For Women 40+)

Fit Mother Supplements

We produce the finest supplements specifically for busy moms 40+ to help you lose weight, build toned muscle, increase energy, balance your hormones, and see the fastest results possible. All our supplements are Clean! Made in the USA in a FDA registered facility.


Your Complete All-In-One Superfood Protein

The Nutrition Shake for busy women packed with 15g protein & 40+ vitamins. Less 1g sugar. Clean & made in USA. Fat burning smoothie recipes included too!

$69.95 $49.76
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Metabolism Booster For Women 40+

This metabolism-booster for busy women 40+ will help you BURN FAT FASTER, boost ENERGY, & decrease hunger + sugar cravings

$59.95 $44.95
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The Research-Backed Hormone Balancer

This doctor-formulated 100% natural hormone balancer will improve your mood, sleep, skin, stress levels, & make it easier to lose weight.

$69.95 $46.95
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Fit Mother Shirts & Gear

Fit Mother Shirts & Gear

Conquer your next workout in style with our super soft Fit Mother T-shirt! With its unmatched comfort and classic design, it just might become your new favorite t-shirt. Check out our premium insulated FMP water bottle as well!

FMP T-Shirt

Our super-soft FMP T-Shirt is perfect for working out or hanging out. Show your pride! Gone are the days of...

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FMP Premium Water Bottle

Show your pride with our 32oz premium insulated stainless steel water bottle! This bottle has a fantastic 'grip'...

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Gift Card

Buy a Fit Mother gift card to redeem on anything in our store. Available in $10 - $150 increments.

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Join Thousands of Amazing Women Seeing Results With Our Fit Mother Program + Supplements

* Results may vary by individual

* Results may vary by individual

* Results may vary by individual

* Results may vary by individual

* Results may vary by individual

* Results may vary by individual

Working with Dr. Anthony and the Fit Mother Project, I've lost over 55lbs. At my age, I never thought that was possible for me...

“I'm now wearing work dresses that I haven't in years. I feel amazing!! My energy is amazing. My daughters are inspired by my transformation and are starting to eat better now too. I recommend this program to everyone looking to get healthy.”

Rosanne Foust

Busy Mom + FM30X Member

I'm at Day #30 of the FM30X Program and even though I haven't been perfect, I've lost the 15lbs that I set as my goal when I started!!

“I love it and have set a new goal for the next month. It's really encouraging to finally be seeing consistent results. I know I can stick to this and continue to lose weight. Thank you to Dr. Anthony and the Fit Mother Project team!!”

Laurie Baker

Busy Mom + FM30X Member

Well, it's OFFICIAL - the scale this morning says I'm down 50lbs!!

“Between my husband and I (he's using the Fit Father Program), we've lost the body weight of our youngest daughter. I'm so happy we found the Fit Mother and Fit Father Projects.”

Karole Dawson

Busy Mom + FM30X Member

Using the FM30X Program at 139lbs and I'm now at 127lbs...

“I'm down from a size 4 to a 2. More importantly than size is building strength and muscle. I am stronger now. I have much better cardio. This is a great program for busy moms like me.”

Janyce Ungless

Busy Mom + FM30X Member

Message From The Founder

I founded The Fit Mother Project after watching my own family struggle with health for years. After a decade of trial and error, we finally figured out a sustainable solution that works.

From working with thousands of busy women all around the world, our Fit Mother Team has developed a proven system that’s helped over 22,000 families lose weight and get healthy.

If you’re a busy woman who is ready to finally lose weight, tone up, look younger, get your energy back, and help your family live healthier too… then this The Fit Mother Project website it exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Follow the steps below, and I’ll personally show you the exact nutrition and exercise methods our team is using that will help you start seeing results this week. I'll show you how…

Founder, The Fit Mother Project

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