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Watch welcome video from Dr. Anthony Balduzzi. See your deals below!

Watch welcome video from Dr. A.
See your deals below!

Get your FMP Lifetime Membership
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Fit Mother
All-Access Membership
Fit Mother All-Access
(Every Program)

(FM30X + All Advanced Phases
+ Full Bonus Program Library)

FM30X + All Advanced Phases + Full Bonus
Program Library

Normally: $1000


Normally: $1000


You get HUGE savings on our FMP All-Access Lifetime Membership. This Membership gives you every program we offer – including all the advanced phases of FM30X (Phases #2-4). This is a complete 1-year transformation plan that will help you reach your ultimate body goal and develop the lifelong habits to stay successful long-term. You get all our advanced fat loss workouts & nutrition strategies. You also get our entire Bonus Program Library (over $3000 in value) including our Fit Mother Yoga Program, our Breathing & Stress Relief Program, our Travel Fit Program, and more! Above all, this Lifetime Membership gives you lifelong support from our FMP Team & Community, and it’s the perfect opportunity for you to strengthen your commitment to your health and do something great for yourself this Mother’s Day!

This Lifetime All-Access Membership gives you every single program we offer. You pay once. You get all our Fit Mother programs for life… and you never pay again. No recurring charges. As a Lifetime Member, you get every new program we release in the future automatically. You also get Lifetime Member only special invitations and experiences. Join our most successful ladies inside FMP Lifetime today… get this amazing deal!

Complete 1 Year Transformation Plan:

  • Fit Mother 30X Phases #1-4
  • All Advanced Workouts + Nutrition
  • All Bonus Programs ($2000 Value)
  • Accountability + VIP Community

Deals on Fit Mother Supplements

Try the Best Supplements For Moms 40+
Doctor Formulated. FREE Shipping to USA & Canada.

FMP Super Fuel
3 Bottle Bundle
Super Fuel Protein

The Delicious All-in-One Protein +
Superfoods for Busy Moms

Normally: $179


Delicious SUPER FUEL is the complete All-In-One Clean Protein Powder with 40+ vitamins, minerals, and organic Superfoods. Each scoop contains 20g protein, probiotics, prebiotic fiber, and digestive enzymes. It’s so delicious, very low in sugar, and contains ZERO artificial sweeteners. We manufacture SUPER FUEL in the USA in a FDA registered cGMP facility and we 3rd party test to ensure the highest standards of purity. Each bottle has 30-servings. This deal gives you 20% off and a 3-month supply. SUPER FUEL comes in delicious Vanilla, Chocolate, & 100% Plant-based Chocolate.

3 Bottle Bundle (Special Deal):

  • 20g Protein + Delicious Taste
  • 40+ Vitamins + Organic Superfoods
  • Probiotics + Prebiotics for GI Health
  • Low Sugar, Zero Artificial Sweeteners

- Select Your Flavor -

- Quantity -


** Includes FREE 20 Best Protein Smoothie Recipes Guide!

See more details & ingredients here »

FMP Faster Stack

(Super Fuel + Burn + Balance)

Super Fuel + Burn RX + Balance RX

Normally: $165


We call this the “Faster Stack” because it’s the #1 exact supplements to help you see the fastest weight loss & health improvements possible. You get Fit Mother SUPER FUEL (any flavor) + BURN: Metabolism and Energy Booster + BALANCE: Women’s Hormone Balancer. You take BURN in the morning for elevated & sustained metabolism and energy. You take BALANCE with any meal. It contains research-backed ingredients to balance estrogen levels naturally and help improves sleep, mood, skin, libido, and more! Every product is science based & Doctor Formulated for Moms 40+.

Our 3 Best Supplements, All-in-one!

  • Super Fuel for Protein & Nutrition
  • Burn RX for a faster metabolism
  • Balance RX for hormone balance
  • All 3 work together perfectly!

- Select Your Flavor -

- Quantity -


** Includes FREE 20 Best Protein Smoothie Recipes Guide!

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FMP BURN Supplement
3 Bottle Bundle
Burn RX

The 100% Natural Energy & Metabolism
Booster for Busy Moms 40+

Normally: $149


BURN: Metabolism Booster is the 100% natural thermogenic fat burner plus energy & metabolism support for women 40+. It contains the best science backed fat burning ingredients like Green Tea Extract, L-Carnitine, Cayenne, and Caffeine. BURN also has key ingredients like Ginger, Ceylon Cinnamon, Vitamin B12 to balance your blood sugar, reduce inflammation, improve digestion, and enhance your focus, energy, and wellbeing. Take 3 caps of BURN before noon. In minutes, you’ll feel a lift in your energy, clarity, and mood. Enhanced fat burning happens automatically.

3 Bottle Bundle (Special Deal):

  • Elevates your fat burning metabolism
  • Boosts and sustains energy naturally
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels
  • Great for focus & productivity!

FMP BALANCE Supplement
3 Bottle Bundle
Balance RX

The 100% Natural Hormone Balance
Supplement for Moms 40+

Normally: $165


BALANCE is for women who want to improve their hormones… and who desire less bloating, cramps, irritability, hot flashes, mood swings, and skin changes associated with menstrual fluctuations and menopause. BALANCE contains the best science-backed ingredients that enhance the natural function of the ovaries, adrenals, and liver for healthy hormone production AND to enhance proper detoxification of hormone metabolites in the liver… so your whole body functions better from the inside out. Take 3 caps with any meal and your body will function better from the inside out.

3 Bottle Bundle (Special Deal):

  • 9+ Research Backed Ingredients
  • Balances estrogen levels naturally
  • Reduces stress eating & cravings
  • Improves mood, sleep, hot flashes!

2 Bottle Bundle
Burn RX + Balance RX

This proven duo helps your body
burn fat + balance hormones

Normally: $105


This Stack includes one bottle of BURN + one bottle of BALANCE. It does not include SUPER FUEL. This is a great option for ladies who already have a protein + super greens that they love yet still want to experience the powerful benefits of taking BURN and BALANCE together. We recommend 3 caps of BURN in the morning for fat burning and energy benefits. Take 3 caps of BALANCE with any meal for improved hormone regulation, function, and detoxification.

2 Bottle Bundle (Special Deal):

  • You get 1 bottle of Burn RX
  • You get 1 Bottle of Balance RX
  • You save 25% today!

Join Thousands of Busy
Moms 40+
Getting Results
with Fit Mother Project

Choose FMP if you want to get healthy!

“I love it. I am a lifetime member. I am turning 55 this weekend and FMP is the only thing that has worked for me. So far I have lost 30lbs. The private FB group of ladies are incredibly supportive. No nasty comments just a group of women lifting each other up to reach their health goals. Refreshing to say the least!!!! I highly recommend this wonderful, easy to follow lifestyle.”

Heather United States

This program works!

This program works! When you first start,It’s a bit overwhelming, there is a lot of reading, but that’s because it’s not a quick fix diet it’s a life long life style, and you understand that if you do the work. The videos are fantastic the podcasts are amazing and motivational (they are what kept and still keep me on the right track). I just cannot say enough, do the work get the results. It works.

Lisa Canada

The Fit Mother Project is amazing

The Fit mother project is amazing, helped me meet my life goals and loose a total of 120 lbs! I am smaller than I have ever been and currently in a size 2-4. Cannot believe all the life it gave me back that I had chalked up to getting older! Getting fit was a breeze with this program! Best part of it all is how strong I am now- mentally and physically! Totally worth committing! If you have any questions, just ask! And jump in!

Jacqueline United States

Fit mother is makes exercise easy

Fit mother is makes exercise easy. The instructions and videos on how to do the exercises is extremely helpful. Not only did my shape improve but more importantly my arthritis improved - and my over all strength has prevented injury!

deborah United States


I've tried all type of weight loss plans only to lose a few lbs and gain them right back. I guess my mind was just ready to receive this plan. I love it. It's as simple as I make it. For me consistency is the key and this plan is perfect for consistency. I find that the meal prepping and the "perfect plate" keep me focused on the goal of weight loss. I also enjoy the strength training workouts. They are great for building and toning my body. I've adopted the attitude of a lifestyle change instead of a diet. While I do not see a heck of a lot of weight loss, others do see it and they tell me they do. I'm very satisfied with FMP.

Karen United States


As a FMP lifer now, I started my journey on 6/3/19 at 216lbs. I followed the program as lined out and lost 76lbs in just 10 months. Fast forward 3+ years and I'm still a loyal member and will be for life. This is the most sustainable program I have every tried and I tried too many to list. I highly recommend the program regardless of how much weight you have to lose. You can hear my personal story on the FMP podcast.

Diane United States


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